There are a few basic parts to a watch. You have the face, the case and, of course, the hands. How else would you know what time it is without the hour and minute hands pointing it out to you?

Here are some different types of watch hands. There are actually so many, we’ve broken it into two parts.

Alpha Hands

These Alpha hands have a larger base before thinning out to form a triangle.

Arrow Hands

Arrow hands are, you guessed it, arrows. They are often used for sports or technical watches, like this Omega Speedmaster.

Batton Hands

These hands are long and thin. Some of their allure comes from their sleek and minimalist design.

Breguet Hands

These hands come from the 18th century and definitely give off an older feel. Sometimes, this style has been referred to as “pomme,” the French word for apple.

Cathedral Hands

These cathedral hands give off the feel of stained-glass windows. They’ve been sported on military watches.

Dauphine Hands

These hands are pointed at either end and are one of the most popular style on watches.

Fleur De Lys hands

These have a stylized lily, which is a symbol that appears often in European coat of arms.

Lance hands

These are a little thinner than Alpha hands.