There are all sorts of ins and outs of watches that we go into in this blog. While some are easier to comprehend, others aren’t. So, we compiled a list of some terms and slang that might be helpful in learning more about Rolex watches.

Rolex 2 line

A dial with only two lines of text above the 6 o’clock marker, such as certain Ref. 14060 Submariners without denoted Chronometer certification. Some prefer the uncluttered looks of these dials.

Rolex 4 line

A dial with four lines of text. On a Ref. 14060M Submariner, for example, would add the chronometer certification to the model name and depth rating.

Feet first

A dial in which the depth rating begins with feet rather than meters, i.e. “660ft=220m.” This may indicate that the watch in question—generally a Sub—was destined for the American market.

Bark finish

A feature of certain President bracelets in that the gold material is etched to look like bark.

Helium escape valve

The “helium escape valve” features on specific Rolex Professional models such as the Sea-Dweller. This one-way valve allows helium molecules to escape the watch during decompression, which prevents the crystal from flying off the watch.

Meters first

A dial with a depth rating gives meters before feet, i.e. “200m=660ft.”


A watch crystal with a built-in magnifier for the date, first released in 1948 on a Datejust model and patented in 1952. Originally these were made of acrylic and were part of the crystal; later (and current) sapphire models feature Cyclops manufactured separately and affixed to the main crystal.

Ghost bezel

An aluminum bezel in which the coloring has faded—especially from black to blue or grayish.

Spider Dial

A type of glossy dial in which the lacquer coating has developed fine cracks, aka “crazing,” resulting in a spider web-like appearance. Though a definite defect, certain collectors are attracted to this look. 

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