What’s one way to make a luxury watch even more luxurious? 

Well, if the watch is rare and there are only a few in circulation, that makes it more sought-after.

If it’s famous because of who wore it (maybe an astronaut in space or by James Bond), that can drive up value. What if it’s rare simply because it’s made of rare materials?

Part of what makes a meteorite dial so expensive is its uniqueness — no two look alike.

That’s the thinking behind meteorite dials.

The Gibeon Meteorite was first reported in 1838 but is actually reportedly millions of years old.

Scientists think the rock fell from outer space in prehistoric times and landed in the Namibian desert near the town of Gibeon. Rolex, as the industry’s leader, is always trying to make the next best watch.

Rolex Cosmograph with Meteorite dial

Rolex was the first company to use slices of the meteorite in its dials, pairing them with 18k gold or 950 platinum to make one-of-a-kind watches. Rolex attached the slices to the dial surface and treated them with an acid-wash finish to create a crystalline pattern.

This process creates a unique pattern, ensuring that no two Rolex meteorite dials look alike. 

Rolex used the meteorite dials on its Daytona and Day-Date models, already two of the most classic in its collection.

The meteorite dials can also be found on Datejust, Pearlmaster and GMT-Master II models. 

So what does that uniqueness cost the consumer? Some can fetch as much as $30,000 on the market.

That may seem like a steep price, but the uniqueness and rarity — as well as being able to say you have a space rock on your wrist — is worth the cost for some.

Outside of Rolex, other companies have used meteorites in their dials.

Roles Datejust

Rolex GMT

Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon

Cartier Earth and Moon

Cartier Rotunde de Earth

Zodiac Super Sea Wolfe

Louis Monet Man on the Moon

Jaquet Droz Grande Seconds

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