By now, you’re probably aware that watches come in styles for men and women. But what does that really mean?

Men’s watches tend to be bigger and gaudier. There are a few reasons for this. Men often have larger wrists, so a bigger dial won’t look as overbearing on an arm. Additionally, that means bigger straps for men’s watches.

Men’s watches tend to also have more detailed mechanisms, while women’s watches stereotypically can have more external embellishments as the timepieces are used for fashion.

Is this is a hard and fast rule? If you take a look below, some women prefer wearing “men’s” watches.

Ellen DeGeneres wearing a Rolex Daytona

Jennifer Aniston with her Rolex President

Salma Hayek is wearing a Panerai Luminor

Megan Thee Stallion wearing her gold Rolex

Charlize Theron wearing a Rolex Submariner

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