Traditionally tactical products are designed for use in a non-standard military or police environments.

They are robust, water resistant and master the difficult technical characteristics of being subtle and non-reflective yet highly legible

Tactical watches are built with strong materials and can often withstand great depth ratings when underwater. Some tactical watches are designed to do much more than just tell time and include extra functionality. 

What makes a tactical watch?

Ruggedness: A watch that can’t stand up to the rigors of the field is useless to a professional soldier, police officer, outdoorsman or woman, etc. Shock resistance, water resistance and scratch resistance are key to a rugged watch.

Reliability: Whether quartz-powered or automatic, a tactical watch needs to work.

Stealth: While a tactical watch doesn’t need to be black PVD-coated or feature a matte finish, any minimization of reflection is a good thing, at least in a military environment.

Legibility: A watch that can’t be easily read, whether analog or digital, provides little utility to the user.

Extra Features: Modern digital tactical watches often provide stopwatch functionality, timers, temperature readings, etc, which can be extremely useful in the field.

Here are a few modern examples of a tactical watch.

Luminox Navy Seal

Marathon Pilot Navigator

Rolex Submariner with Nato band

Casio Pro Trek

Garmin Tactix

Luminox Nato

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