Just like any sport, having the right equipment can mean the difference between finishing in first place and getting stuck behind near the back of the standings.

The technical term for a golf watch is “a global positioning device that is going to help a golfer navigate the golf course”. In other words, it tells the golfer how far they have to the green and other on-course features such as water hazards or bunkers.

Golf watches work using a network of GPS satellites and a GPS antenna within the watch. Signals are sent and received between the antenna and satellites to gain the location of the watch. The GPS works the similarly to the maps on your phone or sat nav in the car.  A golf watch is typically accurate to 3-5m

A golf watch will usually contain a map of all golf courses around the world. When playing golf, the watch locates the golfer on the map of the course and calculates how far they have to the next significant point – the green. The golf watch then displays a distance, usually in yards or metres to tell the golfer how far away the green is.

When searching for the right golf watch, one big trick is to keep it simple. A sport-specific watch should be simple in the thinking that it should show you the things you want and easily, while not wasting your precious time you could otherwise be spent on the course.

If you’re going to shell out for some more expensive brands, making sure a watch is waterproof is important because of summer thunderstorms — or if you have a bad habit of hitting into water hazards.

Listed below are some great examples of Golf watches

Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watch
Bushnell Excel Black Golf GPS
TomTom Golfer 2 Golf GPS
Garmin Approach S42

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