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What is an overcoil hairspring?

The balance-spring is a small spring that through its elasticity regulates the oscillations of the balance. It is attached at its inner extremity to the axis of the balance and at its outer extremity to the cock. The flat balance spring, invented by the Dutch mathematician Huygens in 1675, had established a degree of isochronism which still left something to be desired. The flat balance spring was made of copper or iron and.. Read More

Are Rolex watches a good Investment?

This week’s post was submitted by Bob’s Watches editorial team. In the realm of horology, Rolex continues to be a testament to precision, luxury and timeless design. The brand is a symbol of success, artistry and relentless pursuit of perfection. Among its illustrious lineup, the iconic Rolex Datejust dress watch stands as a paragon of elegance and innovation. First unveiled in 1945 to commemorate Rolex’s 40th anniversary, the Datejust was.. Read More

Women wearing men’s watches

By now, you’re probably aware that watches come in styles for men and women. But what does that really mean? Men’s watches tend to be bigger and gaudier. There are a few reasons for this. Men often have larger wrists, so a bigger dial won’t look as overbearing on an arm. Additionally, that means bigger straps for men’s watches. Men’s watches tend to also have more detailed mechanisms, while women’s.. Read More

Watches with wild animal dials

There are a few kinds of outdoors people in the world. Some like to hunt their game and have their trophies mounted on the wall. Others are more keen on observing — like a photographer for National Geographic or just watching a rabbit hop around the back yard. What if you want to incorporate some of the world’s biggest animals into your watch collection? With wild animal dials, you can.. Read More

Watches made from wood

Most people’s idea of a watch include a dial with numbers to tell the time with metal or plastic, plus whatever material the band is made from. However, there are a handful of brands specializing in wooden watches. Born from a common idea, these sustainable timepieces have the future safety of our planet in mind. So not only will you be sporting a slick new timepiece, you can also be.. Read More

What is Lombardi Time?

Vince Lombardi was the legendary football coach for the Green Bay Packers, he won the first two Super Bowls and the trophy is named in his honor. Lombardi expected his players and coaches to be 15 minutes early to meetings and practices. Not on time, but 15 minutes early. If they weren’t, he considered them “late.” Thus, it came to be called Lombardi Time. Lombardi Time meant that processes would run.. Read More

Watch Collecting As An Investment

Is watch collecting the new safe form of investing? A few years ago, cryptocurrency, a type of digital currency without a single administrator or bank, was all the rage. It was the future of payment — or just the future. Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency, peaked in December 2017 when its price reached an all-time high of $19,666, before tumbling down 81 percent to its price in early 2019. The.. Read More

What is a Motor Barrel?

The motor barrel is an old American system used in the highest-grade railroad watches like the Illinois Bunn Special and the Hamilton 950. The motor barrel allows the mainspring barrel to ride between jewels when the watch is running. The purpose of this arrangement was that if the spring breaks, destructive recoil forces would not be applied to the gear train. The Illinois Bunn Special and Hamilton 950 are two great examples of high-grade pocket watches that use a motor.. Read More

Watches with meteorite dials

What’s one way to make a luxury watch even more luxurious?  Well, if the watch is rare and there are only a few in circulation, that makes it more sought-after. If it’s famous because of who wore it (maybe an astronaut in space or by James Bond), that can drive up value. What if it’s rare simply because it’s made of rare materials? Part of what makes a meteorite dial.. Read More

What is a Fusee?

The fusée (French for “rocket”) is a cone-shaped component connected to the mainspring’s barrel by a chain. As the mainspring is wound, the rotating barrel winds the chain around the narrowing fusée. As the watch runs and the power stored by the mainspring decreases, the tension from the fusée’s chain on the barrel, now rotating in the reverse direction, ensures that a consistent amount of energy is released through the.. Read More