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Here are some Vintage Omega Seamaster divers watches

Launched in 1948 to coincide with its 100th anniversary, the Omega Seamaster line is the oldest in the current collection. Loosely based on the waterproof wristwatches made for the British military at the end of World War II, the Seamaster was first intended as a robust yet elegant watch for active individuals who wanted a watch for “town, sea and country.” The first watches were equipped with self-winding movements in.. Read More

Why is there a shortage of Rolex Watches?

If you’ve read the headlines this year, there seems to be a shortage of everything from chicken wings to lumber. Most of those shortages have to do with disruptions in the supply chain that keep our goods on the shelves and available and not constantly on back order. With Rolex, it is definitely good for business that it is at the top of the watch food chain. So, any sort.. Read More

Unusual materials used for watch dials

The dial is where the show is, and without the same technical and durability constraints of other watch components, it’s one place where watchmakers have some freedom to experiment with unconventional materials that won’t be used elsewhere in a watch. Safely beneath a crystal, a dial can be made from a wide range of things, from the banal to the bizarre (although working with almost any material entails its own.. Read More

How to use the rotating bezel on a dive watch

Measuring time with a rotating bezel is actually a lot easier than you might think. With a unidirectional bezel, you simply spin the bezel counterclockwise so that you can count elapsed time. The added assurance that the bezel can only move one way means that even if you do manage to knock it out of place, it will only ever appear as though you spent more time underwater, not less… Read More

How to take the stretch out of a Rolex band

One of the most asked questions that I get every week is, “Can you repair and take the ‘stretch’ out of a Rolex watch band?” Up until a few weeks ago, my answer was no. It is not a repair that I can make. After lots of research, I was finally able to find the tools to do this job. After a bit of practice, I am now able to.. Read More

Add a rubber Strap to your Rolex

Normally, a Rolex doesn’t need any sprucing up. After all, it’s a Rolex and speaks for itself. But what happens if you want to add a little pizzazz or make your watch a little more flexible for your everyday needs. One idea is a rubber strap. If you’re into water sports, swimming and diving or anywhere with rapidly changing temperatures, a rubber strap might be best for you. Or, like.. Read More

Different types of watch case backs

When looking at a watch, most people are drawn to the face. That’s where the intricate details are shown and, most importantly, where the time is. How often have you inspected the back of your watch before there’s a problem? Watches with screw backs Screw-off case backs will have a series of edges, grooves, or threads (like the edge of a dime) around the outside edge (see image below). Some.. Read More

Watches with the crown at 4 o’clock

If you were to think up what a watch looks like, there are certain basic features. Most watches are round with a band and two hands, one for the hour and one for the minute. Easy enough. If a person were drawing a rough draft of a watch, they might go a little more broad and add the dial. Where does that go? On most watches, it’s at the 3.. Read More

Watches and their logos

Some watch brands are so famous, they need no introduction. But do you know the stories behind some of the biggest watch companies in the world? This week, we’re breaking down some of the logos from around the world. Breguet Abraham Louis Breguet founded his eponymous brand in 1775 and is one of the most significant and influential watchmakers in history, having invented everything from the tourbillon to the style.. Read More

Rolex and their nicknames (Part 2)

You might know some watches by their official names, but do you know their nicknames? Or vice-versa, you may only know a watch by its nickname and not the one given to it at the factory. Here are a few of the more famous nicknamed Rolex watches. Papa Smurf: A white-gold ref. 116619 Submariner launched in 2008 with powder-blue dial and bezel. This 2010 example is up for sale at.. Read More