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How Accurate Can a Vintage Watch be?

The short answer: it depends. The accuracy of a vintage watch is at the at mercy of its original quality and construction, and accuracy  owes even more to the quality of its upkeep over the years. A high-quality, chronometer-grade watch that was carefully maintained and cared for over the years can approach chronometer standards still today. However, a more inexpensive design that had a greater degree of wear and tear.. Read More

The Many Watches of James Bond

Since first debuting in the film “Dr. No” in 1962, the iconic film spy James Bond has been linked to wrist watches.  Always a man of class, Bond has worn watches by Rolex, Breitling, Hamilton, Seiko, and Omega during his various film appearances over the years.  Because of the double-oh-seven character’s popularity, many special edition watches celebrate the character’s film franchise, with many of them in high demand by watch.. Read More

Is a Rolex Waterproof? How to Eliminate Rust Damage in Your Rolex

In the following post I will give  you some reasons why you should keep your watch out of water. Every week I get at least one phone call from a customer that owns a Rolex and they say that they have had their watch for many years and it is running great, but “might need service”. They sometimes brag about how they swim, shower, jump in the hot tub with.. Read More

About Watch Water Resistance

Water resistance is the term used to indicate the amount of pressure a watch can withstand under water at a specific depth without leaking or losing accuracy. Water resistant is a term approved by the federal trade commission; they disallow the term waterproof. Water resistance and depth are not the same. A watch is tested at a specific depth at a temperature of 18c to 25c while stationary. Any movement.. Read More