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How Does a Rolex Screw Down Crown Work? | Waterproof Rolex

The winding crown on Rolex watches is made up of about 10 parts, and is screwed hermetically onto  the watch case. This is how Rolex, for the first time in the history of watchmaking, created a waterproof winding crown –– a secure interface between the protected, sealed world inside the watch and the harmful elements of the outside world. Even with a solid case and bullet-proof crystal, the Achilles heel.. Read More

Key Differences of Apple Watches compared to Rolex

Apple recently unveiled its Apple Watch Series 2 along with the company’s other new products. A few new features to the Apple Watch are with the case, operating system and an alternate option. The case has been upgraded to swimproof and the new operating system is watchOS 3. For a steeper price, consumers can opt for a white ceramic case. With all these new features and the support of a.. Read More