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Navigate the sea with the Hamilton 22

Like most tools, watches were made with more than one purpose in mind. Of course, a watch’s main ability is to tell its user what the time is. Everything else added along the way — the ability to know the date all the way to seeing your heart rate, the temperature, hearing the new top song on the music charts or making a phone call. Watches can do it all… Read More

A Patek Philippe watch just sold for $31 million

If you were part of the world’s high society, how much would you spend on luxurious items? What if that item is a Patek Philippe watch? Is $1 million too much to spend? What about $10 million? $20 million? Well, for a price almost as large as LeBron James’ paycheck from the Los Angeles Lakers this year, the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime on Saturday sold for a record $31 million.. Read More

What is a dial washer?

The function of a dial washer is to prevent the hour wheel from rising and disengaging from the pinion on the minute wheel that drives the hour wheel. The dial washer is also critical for keeping the hour wheel in place when the watch is turned over into the dial down position. Sometimes the minute hand sits close enough to the pipe on the hour wheel and suffices to stop.. Read More

Rolex and Tudor: A Family Rivalry

It’s not uncommon for luxury brands, no matter the industry, to also have a more-affordable line of products. It’s a simple way to cover all corners of the market. It’s no different in the watch world. But did you know Rolex – the most recognizable name in watches – also has an affordable sister company? That’s where Tudor watches come in. Tudor has a history almost as long as Rolex,.. Read More

What Are the Most Significant Watches in History?

Ever since the advent of sundials, humans have tried to stay on time. As we advanced through history, the technology advanced too. Sundials went out and clocks came in. Clocks became smaller and wearable, leading us to wristwatches. Eventually, iPhones and other cell phones changed the way we tell time. (Somehow, some of us are still late, no matter the technological advances.) But what are the most historically significant watches.. Read More

What to Wear if You’re Going on an Expedition

Throughout history, men and women have set their sights on exploring the highest peaks, the deepest valleys and any part of the world not yet before ventured. When doing any type of exploring, a person must be prepared. One detail that isn’t overlooked by explorers is the usefulness of a wristwatch. A watch can not only do simple things — like telling the time or the date — but can.. Read More

Luxury Mechanical Watches vs. Smartwatches

In today’s consumer culture, we’re forced to make decisions daily. Some of those decisions include picking a product from a brand. Do you go with Coke or Pepsi? Paper or plastic? Heinz or Hunt’s? In the watch world, the question is increasingly becoming that of smartwatch or mechanical watch? With the Apple Watch leading the new sector of the watch market, it left Swiss watchmakers playing catch up. In 2017,.. Read More

Watches That Could Help Save Your Life

Imagine you’re hiking in the woods and suddenly lose your way. Where do you turn to get back to your car to drive home? Maybe your camping trip turns a little bit more unexpected and a brief walk to find more firewood means you’re now lost and need to find your way. How do you find your way back to where you want to be? Perhaps, start with what’s on.. Read More

Watches for a More Sophisticated Occasion

Every day, people are faced with the same question: What to wear? Unless you’re Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg and opt to cut down on decisions by wearing the same outfits every day, deciding what to wear is likely your first choice made every morning. Part of choosing an outfit can also include picking what accessories to wear. That often means which watch to put on your wrist. So perhaps.. Read More

Richard Mille Watches Shine Bright on Busy Sports Weekend

After a slow summer, last Sunday marked a big day in sports. The NFL kicked off its 100th season, while the eyes of the tennis world were squarely on New York City as the U.S. Open crowned its champions. Yet for some reason, rather than just talking about the winners and losers, why were headlines talking about one of the most luxurious watch lines in the world? Well, thank Cleveland.. Read More